Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sunday's NYC Memorial: How Was It?

I hope the memorial for Michael at Spuyten Duyvil is still going strong. I wish I could be there too, sharing stories about my brother and toasting his memory.

When the event winds down, I'd be grateful if the folks who attended could write a few words about the memorial and share them on the blog.



Dina said...

Hello - I was there yesterday. I had never been to Spuyten Duyvil before but I was told that Mike used to like it alot and I could see why - their menu was full of obscure and hard to find beers. When we gathered around a large wooden table in the back I joked that we should all be drinking mead, and sure enough mead was actually on the menu. I was really glad I attended because most of us I think had largely lost touch with Mike after he moved out of New York, and when we heard the sad news it seemed (to me anyway) that there was really no place to center or focus our sorrow(that's why this blog has been so useful). Meeting up with people I hadn't seen in a while and just talking about what happened was comforting. And hearing funny stories about Pratt, where Mike got his masters degree, never gets tiring. Credit goes to Kristine (Trixie) for organizing everything. I was happy to raise my glass to Mike.

Kristine said...

It was a nice gathering of folks from Pratt and NYPL who knew and loved Mike. The miserable weather was suitably gloomy for the occasion, but many comical stories were exchanged as we reminisced about the good times we all had with our friend Mike, whom we miss dearly.

Kristine said...

An interesting note - across from Spuyten Duyvil is the 'City Reliquary,' a storefront museum styled after the Peale/Barnum museum, which I think Mike would have really liked. Mike was one of the biggest NYC history buffs I ever met. It seemed appropriate somehow. I bought a bar of soap shaped like the Empire State Building. I think Mike would've like that too.