Friday, August 25, 2006

Michael On Detroit (UPDATED)

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One of Ben's earlier posts reminds me of a text message I once got from Michael.

When Michael was planning his first trip to Detroit for work, Britt and I had a handful of upgrade coupons on United Airlines that were about to expire. As Michael hated the thought of stepping anywhere near an airplane -- let along onto one -- we thought it would be a nice touch to upgrade Michael to first class.

A few hours after Michael arrived in Detroit, I got a text message on my cell phone from him. I expected it to say something along the lines of "thanks for upgrade," or "first class was nice," or even, "got to detroit -- no problems." Instead, I flipped open the phone and saw three words: "detroit ass city."

I laughed so hard I nearly cried. Since then, I've never been able to think about Detroit without a chuckle. (Just think how funny it is for me whenever I see Jeffrey, that schmuck on "Project Runway," with the word "Detroit" tattooed around his neck.)

When I saw Ben's IM from Michael about Detroit, I yanked open my phone to see if I still had my "detroit ass city" message. It wasn't there. I wish I had saved it.

UPDATED: It turns out I did save the text message! It was just stashed away somewhere else on my cell phone.

Detroit ass city

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Luís Rodrigues said...

Oh yeah, Detroit. "This city is the rotting anus of the world" became his catchphrase for a while.

I wish I hadn't uninstalled Google Desktop last month, I had a bunch of truly memorable conversations in there.