Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Some more Mike IMs

I feel lucky that I have all these logged and enjoy reading them.. even if they were the mundane.. we both loved LOST and one day, this was his news for me:

simanoffM (9:36:09 AM): i noticed they're moving alias to after lost now. that's another show i like.
simanoffM (9:36:26 AM): i call that the "mike simanoff programming block"

but he didnt always like lost, as evidenced by these IMs:
simanoffM (12:23:47 PM): i thought i was watching PaxTV at the end
simanoffM (12:25:28 PM): they better get into some action for the next ep
simanoffM (12:25:38 PM): or i am going to start a blog just to complain about the show

also, Mike was THE key guy on a product called "Perseus" - that we developed custom for GM.. in the early days, it was a bit of chaos, but Mike really carried it on his back to become a real success story.. his musing on that was:

simanoffM (4:07:41 PM): i have a new name for perseus
simanoffM (4:07:44 PM): "hot fix"

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