Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Mike was always interested in new Internet phenomena, like social networking. This was the Testimonial I left for him on Friendster:

Mike is an alien genius whose powerful
mind swarmed the universe before
settling into the consciousness of an
innocent Earthman. As leader of a band
of freewheeling intergalactic pirates,
he uses his powers to bring about a
world where humans and mutants live in
And here's what he said about me:

Let's just say that of 8 million
people in this city, Laura's one of
maybe 5 who is cool and interesting
enough for me. I'll leave the wittier
and hopefully more embarrassing
testimonials to her other friends.
Here are links to Mike's Friendster and Orkut profiles. (I think you'll be able to view them even if you don't have an account.) Social networking sites have little captions on other peoples' profiles that tell you how you are linked. So when I view Mike's profile it says:

How you're connected:
Mike is your friend.

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