Friday, August 18, 2006

OH, the IMs were funny

I also need to find my ones from when we hired Mike. I remember that GM just came up and they were going to need an on-site TAM, either Chi or Detroit. I started IMing with Mike and he was *this* close to taking a job in ad ops with, but we moved quick and got him to come work for us..

12/12/05 - simanoffM (10:12:08 PM): detroit is the ass of america

simanoffM (10:18:30 PM): i'm not so sure about this king kong movie
bsaitz (10:18:36 PM): yea, looks so-so
simanoffM (10:18:57 PM): i really want to be excited by it, but the previews aren't doing anything for me
bsaitz (10:19:25 PM): agreed .. and for some reason, jack black bores me.. and the whole kong thing looks like a snoozer
simanoffM (10:19:46 PM): even the sets and the special effects don't look right to me
bsaitz (10:20:17 PM): i know.. way digital
simanoffM (10:20:34 PM): i guess it was too hard to find a giant monkey they could train

simanoffM (10:30:41 PM): sinead o'connor is on letterman right now singing reggae
simanoffM (10:30:46 PM): and wearing a star of david
simanoffM (10:30:50 PM): this world is too weird for me
simanoffM (10:30:54 PM): good night!


simanoffM (10:36:48 AM): it was 100 degrees here yesterday too

simanoffM (10:37:27 AM): i am going to move to greenland, do we have an office there?


me and mike went for sushi when i was in town and we decided to get quail eggs.. it was nothing like what we expected (i.e. they werent cooked!)

simanoffM (9:45:15 AM): i think those quayle eggs made me sick
bsaitz (9:45:20 AM): sorry dude
bsaitz (9:45:24 AM): i could eat nails, i'm fine
simanoffM (9:45:27 AM): lol
simanoffM (9:46:01 AM): i'll be fine, was just a bit unsteady this am


simanoffM (10:33:53 AM): every since i moved here, the white sox won the world series, and it has been the warmest winter in decades...

10/25/06 - mike saw the future

simanoffM (4:57:14 PM): google is unstoppable

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Kristine said...

Mike also gave funniest birthday cards. Once, he wrote a 'memo' on the back, exactly in the style of our horrendously evil boss (at the time). I need to scan it and post it - it's fucking hilarious. Mike, wherever you are, please find a way to still send me birthday cards, okay?!?!?