Wednesday, August 16, 2006

More random memories

  • Mike graduated from NYUMike worked for an online agency i33, in NY, then with Ben (and Christian) at Phase2Media. Mike was a key contributor to the research department, but was always strong with the tech side as well - he had just learned SQL..Mike left to go back to school and got a Masters in Library Information Sciences (in NYC)Mike then relo'ed to Atlanta and worked for interactive shop Breathe InteractiveLast fall, DoubleClick needed a super strong TAM for our new client, GM - Ben reached out to Mike - who was a perfect fit! He relo'ed to Chicago to help and was a critical member of the team that has helped make GM a large and happy customer
  • Some personal notes:Mike was a huge Beatles fanMike was a voracious reader, I could never name a book he hadnt readMike was close friends with Nicole Pruess, EMEA Consultant on Stephen White's teamMike had 2 brothers, and his parents reside in Jacksonville, FL

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Cindy Viadella said...

I am shocked and saddened by this news...we shared many good times over burgers and beers in pubs all across NYC. He had a keen sense of humor that was supported by a deep intelligence and a temperment that was easy going and friendly. I will miss him. My sympathies and prayers to his family.