Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Christian Hartgens adds some good memories

  • The mismatch socks he used to wear; a gusty but very effective move
  • His incredible generosity of giving his time to assist anyone who asked without complaint
  • His humor often added much needed levity to otherwise boring or stressful meeting This always elped to take the edge off and relax everyone

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Michael said...

I had the pleasure of knowing Mike while we worked together at Phase2Media. I remember the crazy socks he wore, I once gave him a pair that I bought for $2 as a gag while shopping at a flea market and he was so jazzed about it, he really appreciated that simple gesture, he was a kind soul. I remember Mike's wry sense of humor, he liked to verbally mix it up with the group. We'd lost touch after I left for California but often heard about what he was doing. My heartfelt condolences to the Simanoff family for their loss.