Friday, January 19, 2007

Michael Simanoff's Library

This is cross-posted from The Daily Dave:

I have started to catalog my brother's book collection. In addition to compiling a large database on my Mac with Delicious Library, I am also toying around with a new Web site called

I have just uploaded about 100 book titles to Shelfari. You can browse the library right here:

Obviously, what you're seeing here is just a sliver of Michael's collection of books, CDs and movies -- it's small taste, to be sure, but enough to give you a good feel for Michael's interest: graphic novels, Judaism, technology, Russian literature and, of course, baseball.

Few of these books have much individual meaning for me. Together, though, they're more than a shrine to my brother -- they are reminders of the things he loved: the passions that fueled him, the stories that engaged him, the ideas that excited him. It's impossible to explore Michael's library without exploring Michael's life.

What do you all think?

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