Monday, September 11, 2006


I can't help but think of Mike on this day because I was with him on September 11th. We walked from Midtown to Brooklyn, via the Queensboro Bridge. It was a pretty horrendous day, but it was nice to be with Mike. Hot, exhausted, stressed, and freaked out, we stopped at the Subway Inn for a quick break during the long trek. It was here that we learned,from watching the news on the tv in the bar, the details of what had actually happened.

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Lee and Michon said...

9/11/06 was a tough day for me. There were alot of people on TV talking about loved ones they lost. Although our circumstances are different it was still a tough day.

On 9/11 I remember trying to get a hold of Mike to make sure he was okay. It took hours for my family to getthrough and make sure he was okay. I guess there was an entire country trying to contact everyone they new in Manhanttan. I thought that he was located far enough away for the WTC but you never know what may happen. I am glad he was with a friend that day.

Thank you and take care.