Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I met Mike in either Home Ec or Health class in 7th grade at Forest Glen Middle School. Although we didn't attend 10-12th grades of high school together (Mike went to Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School), we hung out a lot...enough that I refer to Mike as my friend from high school and kept forgetting at our 10th year high school reunion why he wasn't there. It's sad that I'll be thinking about why he's not there from now on...

Anyway, in high school and beyond, we maintained a "quote book" with memorable, and sometimes not-so-memorable, quotes from the group we hung out with (including Ryan Dawson, aka the glue that held us together). Although not all of these quotes are that great, and some are inside jokes (some of which I can't remember anymore), and some might be quotes Mike borrowed from elsewhere, here are all the quotes I could find that were attributed to Mike in our quote book:
  • I'm the designated drinker
  • Peace, love, and porking
  • It pops up at the strangest times
  • I like my coffee like my men - with cream and sugar
  • Schlong
  • Near...far...whereEVER you are
  • Some of us have to work
  • Bah!
  • Who the hell is Jeff?
  • I don't smoke (attributed to Rabbi Simanoff)
  • Mike's beard is getting thicker...and Jeffrey's getting LARGER!
  • I'm funny
  • It's not that hard to draw me - it's a lot of hair
  • Bob Denver - from Gilligan's Isle. No, John Denver - "Rocky Mountain High"
We'll miss you Mike...

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Dara said...

OMG! I had almost forgotten about the quote book.