Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A poem I wrote for Mike

We have a rewards & recognition program at work, when Mike achieved "bronze" status, I wrote this poem (sorry if some are inside jokes)

a start-up was founded 7 years ago
i was the ninth employee there
it lasted about five years or so
but it's where mike and i were first paired

he was like the 16th hire
and a real good one at that
helping with our research efforts
in the next office from mine he sat

we had lots of fun and laughs back then
phase2media was the name of the gig
of course the giggles came crashing down
when we went bankrupt really big

but mike had jettisoned before that day
off to grad school was his path
a masters in library info sciences
would be what he wanted to bask

but we kept in touch over the years
he ended up in the peach state
we needed a TAM for GM
i know mike would be really great was calling him
looking to bring him on
i told him how much they were lame
and we were much more fun

so smart was he - lucky were we
in chicago he's been a real hero
starcom cant say enough good things
about how he got them from impression number zero

perseus and dfa
mike has become a real master
a cool new tool and working with bigler
he's got us kick atlas' rear end with a sand blaster

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