Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Going to miss you buddy...

Mike and I have been friends for almost 20 years. We met when he and his family moved back to the US after living in Europe (I think Spain). We both attended Forest Glen Middle School. Not many people know we were the inspiration for the movie 'Can't Buy Me Love'. I was Ronald Miller, and Mike was Kenneth "the Worm Man" Wurman. I think we were mentioned toward the end of the credits somewhere. Mike was the smart one, and I the social one. We sort of made one whole person. Yeah you guessed it...we sat at the dork table in our school's cafeteria, but we loved it there. Our friends from those years are still our most loyal and supportive. The news still doesn't seem real to me. I know I'll never be able to replace him. This week I've been going through all my photos from over the last 20 years...I have hundreds. I came to two conclusions...we drank a lot, and Mike always stuck out his tongue when a camera came out. I have endless memories...some of which I think I'll save for the Memorial in October. The weekend of October 13th (Mike's birthday)...mark your calendars!

Mike had many different groups of friends...some I never knew existed until his death. Sorry we all have to meet under these circumstances. I tried to get through to Mike on several fronts...he just couldn't get the fact that people loved him. He will always be in my thoughts.

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Dara said...

I can't believe that I don't really have any pictures . . . but I do have the Aerosmith tape that Mike made for me in the 9th grade!