Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Mike tid-bits

Hi all.. first of all, a little more info, as I didn't realize how anonymous this blog seems. My name is Ben Saitz, and I was a good friend of Mike's. I created this site for anyone who Mike touched to share any thoughts of funny stories they had about Mike. I will gladly give anyone permission to post their own entries, just shoot me an email.. it's ben the at sign saitz dot com.

Also, I spoke with Mike's dad today.. they held the funeral yesterday and it was well attended by both family and friends. In addition, Mike would like his cemetary, an old Jewish one that his dad, Don, described as eclectic.. quite fitting, for those of us that knew Mike.

I also wanted to share how many people, from near and far, that have found the site and heard the sad news.. it's really touching how many people Mike managed to touch in his too short life.

This morning I read a review Mike had read on Amazon.. man, Mike was funny..

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